Golnoosh Alipour Harris, Pharm.D.

Golnoosh Alipour Haris Headshot

Contact Information
email: g.alipourharis.ufl.edu
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Islamic Azad University Tehran Medical Sciences Branch, Tehran, Iran, 2011- 2018

Entry Date into the POP M.S. program: Fall, 2019

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests
• Pharmacoepidemiology
• Drug safety and effectiveness
• Pharmacoeconomics

Professional Experience
• R&D Consultant in Marketing, Tehranchemie Pharmaceutical Company, Tehran, Iran April 2019
• Medical Science Liaison, Dr. Abidi Pharmaceuticals, Tehran, Iran, April 2018
• Pharmacist-in-charge, October 2015
• R&D Intern, Tehranchemie Pharmaceutical Company, Tehran, Iran, June 2017

Professional Memberships
• International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE)
• Member of Medical Council, I.R. IRAN
• Member of Iran pharmacist association

Research Gate
• Alipour Haris, G., Ayati, N., Mehramizi A., Nikfar, Sh., Arabi, M., “Economic evaluation of Sumatriptan: Nasal Spray versus Oral Tablet” Iranian Journal of Neurology (accepted)
• Alipour Haris, G., Ayati, N., Nikfar, Sh, “Budget impact analysis of Sumatriptan nasal spray, in the content of Iran: Regulatory Perspective” (Under Review)
• Arabi, M., Mortazavi, A., Jafariazar, Z., Farhadnejad H., Alipour Haris, G., Fattahi, Y., “Formulation, characterization and physicochemical evaluation of buccal mucoadhesive tablet of Meloxicam” Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (accepted)