Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research involves the application of a variety of scientific disciplines, including health economics, epidemiology, statistics and decision science. 


Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research is a fast-growing and globally important scientific discipline that utilizes economic methods to evaluate the clinical, economic, and humanistic aspects of pharmaceutical products, services, and programs, as well as other health care interventions to provide health care decision-makers, providers and patients with information needed to efficiently allocate health care resources.

Examples of pharmacoeconomic research include:

  • Economic evaluation of alternative medical and other therapies
  • Assessment of patients’ willingness to pay for health care interventions
  • Elicitation of quality of life and health state utilities
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Associate Professor

Haesuk Park, Ph.D., M.Pharm

“In the Pharmacoeconomics and outcomes academic track, within the POP graduate program, our goal is to equip students and trainees with the tools necessary to critically appraise and conduct cutting-edge research on the value of health care interventions to inform patients, clinicians, payers, and policymakers regarding allocation of limited health care resources that improve health care. Students in this track have the opportunity to engage in research with high caliber faculties who specialize in diverse clinical and methodological focus areas, including economic evaluations, econometrics, patient reported outcomes, and decision analysis.”

What is Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes?

Career Profile

Students will learn to apply a variety of scientific disciplines, including health economics, epidemiology, statistics and decision science within health care settings.

Track Curriculum

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Selected Publications

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Track Faculty

Haesuk Park, Ph.D., M. Pharm

Research interests: healthcare utilization and costs, comparative effectiveness/safety, cost-effectiveness, and economic/health outcome assessment of new interventions (e.g., telemedicine)

Haesuk Park