Residential MS Program

Students examining data on monitorOverview

Our graduate program was created to meet the continued demands of academic, private and governmental organizations to build research capacity surrounding the safe, effective and efficient use of medications. This well-established program offers a terminal residential master’s degree, but course work and other scholastic requirements are fully applicable and transferable to the department’s PhD program if a successful graduate wishes to continue his or her studies. Individuals who are interested in a PhD degree do not need to apply for the MS track but can apply directly into the PhD program.

Specializations for the residential MS and PhD degree include:

  • Pharmacoepidemiology and Safety Sciences
  • Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
  • Pharmaceutical Health Services Research

Fellowships and tuition waivers are generally not available for students enrolled in the MS degree program, but for applicants with U.S. licensure, opportunities to work part-time as a pharmacist at the UF teaching hospital or other pharmacies are available.

Application Information

Successful applicants must have a competitive academic record and should have a terminal degree in health sciences (e.g., PharmD) and have demonstrated interest in research surrounding the evaluation of drugs and drug use.

Students are only admitted into the M.S. program in the fall. Review of applications begins December 1 and ends April 1; we encourage completing your application before December 1. 


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Career Outlook

The degree provides individuals with the credentials to serve as entry- or mid-level research associates in contract research organizations, academic and clinical research units, pharmaceutical companies and government organizations. Typically, these individuals work under limited direction as part of a multi-disciplinary research group. Examples of such positions include research associates, program managers and health scientists.

The strong pharmaceutical focus of the MS degree offers the opportunity to explore a research career for individuals who oscillate between a more research-oriented or clinical specialization (e.g., residency). The curriculum is flexible enough to allow clinical involvement so that clinical skills can be maintained.

Students may also have the opportunity to pursue an internship with government organizations, or in the pharmaceutical or health services industry, to allow students early exposure to a potential work place. However, we advise students who plan to transition to the PhD program, to delay an internship until a summer during their PhD studies.


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