DAISY 2024 Workshop

DAISY is a highly interdisciplinary event whose main theme evolves every year based on top AI trends and challenges. Over the past four years, DAISY has covered personalized AI, bias in AI, and governance in AI — across medicine, public health, and business perspectives.

This year’s focus of DAISY is “Prescriptive AI.”

One of the key concepts of AI is the ability to predict a future life event based on current and past information, e.g., risk of developing a health condition or likelihood of job transition. Prescriptive AI goes beyond predictions by suggesting actions to change the odds of such events. For example, prescriptive AI would aid with drug repurposing, behavioral changes, policy changes, etc. Thus, Prescriptive AI is about strategy and decision making.

Additional workshop details and the registration link will be coming soon.

image of a beachside hotel at sunrise, overlaid with conference logo for DAISY workshop and event dates September 8-10, 2024

Footnote: The workshop acronym is DAISY, which sounds graceful and is easy to remember. We reverse-engineered it to fit Data & Artificial Intelligence SYmposium.

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2024 event registration opens soon.

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