Track Testimonial

Picture of Dr. Amie Goodin

“In the Pharmaceutical Health Services Research (PHSR) academic track within the POP graduate program, our goal is to arm students and trainees with the tools necessary to critically appraise drug policy and rigorously evaluate trends in the utilization of medications and their ultimate influence on health outcomes. The PHSR curriculum is designed to draw on analytical skills conferred within foundational courses from epidemiology, biostatistics, and bioinformatics and then applying these methodological skills toward practical research, public health, and regulatory applications. Our research informs policymakers, consumers, and clinicians regarding effectiveness of drug policy and pharmaceutical interventions that improve quality of care. Students training in this track have the opportunity to engage in timely research with faculty who specialize in diverse clinical and methodological focus areas, including, but not limited to; maternal and child health, geriatrics, substance use disorders, and legal epidemiology.  As faculty lead in the PHSR track, I look forward to further building our curriculum while our investigators and trainees inform improvements in health services delivery for medications, quality, and resulting health outcomes.”

-Amie Goodin, Ph.D., MPP, Assistant Professor