Guidelines for Appointment as Adjunct & Courtesy Faculty

Adjunct/courtesy or faculty appointments are reserved for individuals who have the training and expertise appropriate for faculty in the Department and who have a continuing, meaningful relationship with the Department in roles of teaching, research and/or service.

Application process

The request for an adjunct or courtesy faculty appointment must be made in writing to the Chair of the Department. The application includes a brief statement of the rationale of the appointment, a description of the areas and types of involvement, a current curriculum vitae and picture for posting on our department website, and the name of a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor must be a faculty member with a full or joint faculty appointment in the Department, will serve as the primary point of communication and facilitate the applicant’s involvement in research, teaching and/or service. Please contact the department for more information regarding the application process: (352) 273-6268.

Applications are reviewed by all full faculty in the Department and adjunct, courtesy or affiliate status is granted based on majority vote for a term of 3 years.

Criteria for maintaining an Adjunct or Courtesy Appointment

Adjunct and courtesy faculty are expected to maintain a meaningful involvement that is recurring and substantive. Examples of such involvement are:

  • Recurrent role as coordinator or co-coordinator in a Department course
  • Recurrent involvement in thesis committees
  • Ongoing involvement in Department research programs
  • Or a combination of smaller involvements such as provision of annual seminar, participation in Department committees or advisory boards, participation in professional events on behalf of the Department

The adjunct or courtesy faculty will be contacted by the Department Chair at the 3-year anniversary of the appointment and will be asked to provide a summary of activities associated with the Department over the past 3 years. Please contact the department for more information regarding the application for reappointment: (352) 273-6268.

The report will be reviewed by all full faculty and reappointment will be granted based on majority vote.