Christian Hampp, Ph.D., B.S. Pharm.

Christian Hampp

Affiliate Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Current Employment:

Master Reviewer Epidemiologist, Division of Epidemiology-I, U.S. Food and Drug Administration



  • University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, Doctor of Philosophy
  • Saarland State Board of Pharmacists, Saarbrücken, Germany, State Board Examination, degree: Apotheker
  • Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany College of Pharmacy, degree: B.S. Pharm.

Short Biographical Sketch:

After finishing pharmacy school in Saarbrücken, Germany, Dr. Hampp joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, where he graduated with a PhD in pharmacoepidemiology in August, 2009.  Following a year of post-doctoral studies at UF, he joined FDA’s Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology, Division of Epidemiology, in August 2010 as a Visiting Associate.  He is now a Master Reviewer Epidemiologist working in the fields of metabolic and endocrine drugs.  In this position, he works with pharmacists, medical officers, team leaders, division and office directors, safety evaluators, regulatory project managers, biostatisticians, and communications specialists inside and outside the division and provides his expertise in pharmacoepidemiology to support complex decisions.  He has conducted reviews of the medical literature, provided recommendations on study protocols, reviewed study results, and recommended regulatory action, when indicated.  Several of his reviews have resulted in labeling changes and issuance of Drug Safety Communications.

Dr. Hampp presented his reviews at multiple Advisory Committee meetings where he represented FDA as an expert in pharmacoepidemiology.  FDA has recognized his contribution to the public health mission with multiple individual and group awards.  As a researcher, he received professional recognition through his published research and award-winning presentations at international meetings.  He currently serves as the CDER liaison to the Board of Directors and is a Fellow of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology.  Internally, Dr. Hampp lectured to FDA colleagues about epidemiologic methods and FDA’s pharmacoepidemiology guidance.  Externally, he lectures frequently about postmarketing drug safety at the FDA.  He is also an Affiliate Clinical Associate Professor and member of the graduate faculty at the University of Florida.  Finally, he serves as member of FDA’s Committee for Advanced Scientific Education and its Seminar subcommittee.