Training In Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research at UF

Graduate training in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research includes didactic course work and independent research experience. Students are expected to join a research team or initiate an independent research project (under faculty supervision) during their first year of study to gain experience in the design and conduct of research studies. Generally, such projects are focused on pharmacoeconomics, but students also may benefit from exposure to other types of research, including pharmacoepidemiology and health services research.

Program coursework in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research includes a strong methodological focus on the conceptualization, design, and conduct of formal pharmacoeconomic and related analyses. Since pharmacoeconomics employs quantitative methods, students will learn to measure phenomena such as resource utilization, quality of life (health state utilities), and cost-effectiveness ratios, and generate decision-making statistics such as confidence intervals and cost-effectiveness acceptability curves. Students typically take coursework in related areas such as measurement, pharmacoepidemiology, and biostatistics.

In addition to the core coursework, students who specialize in pharmacoeconomics generally take the following courses, depending on their coursework history:

PHA 6206 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Microeconomics

PHA 6286 Pharmaceutical Microeconomics

PHA 6287 Pharmaceutical Health Economics

PHA 6264 Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment

PHA 6283 Commercial Applications of Pharmacoeconomics

PHA 6806 Pharmacoeconomic Modeling

HSA 7707 Health Services Research Methods

HSA 7708 Health Services Research Methods II

HSA 7437 Advanced Health Economics


Required coursework will be supplemented depending on the student’s interests and focus. Examples of available courses include:

PHA 6891 Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology

ECO 4504 Public Economics

GMS 6803 Data Management for Epidemiologic & Clinical Research

GMS 6842 Translational Research Methods

GMS 6846 Meta-analysis in Clinical, Health Services Research and Public Health

PHC 6080 SAS for Public Health – Data

PHC 6081 SAS for Public Health – Analysis

PHC 6162 Public Health Grant Writing

PHC 6937 Applied Survival Analysis

STA 7249 Generalized Linear Models