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Do you provide financial support?

  • Fellowships, assistantships and tuition waivers are available but competitive. For applicants with U.S. licensure, opportunities to work part-time as a pharmacist at the University of Florida teaching hospital or other pharmacies are available.

What’s a TA/RA?

  • TA stands for “Teaching Assistant.” RA stands for “Research Assistant.” Both are considered Graduate Assistantships (GA). A graduate assistant is a person who serves in a support role while attending school. GAs receive a stipend and tuition waver for a work commitment of 0.33 FTE.

Is tuition covered when you are a TA/RA?

  • Graduate assistants do get a tuition waiver, which covers all credit hours you would need for graduating with a Ph.D.

How much is the stipend for a TA/RA?

  • The amount of the stipend we offer is between $18,000- $22,500 (U.S.) per year, which allows students to cover most of their living expenses. Cost of living in Gainesville is relatively low. Please see current cost estimates.

How many hours per week does a TA/RA work?

  • Graduate assistants are asked to work an average of 13 hours per week as a teaching or research assistant.

Do TA/RA positions come with health care? What does it cost?

Can applicants for the M.S. program apply for an assistantship?

  • Both M.S. and Ph.D. applicants are eligible to apply for an assistantship, and all interested applicants compete for the same funding opportunities we offer. Our assistantship opportunities are open to both domestic and international applicants. 

How do I apply for a TA/RA?

  • Please indicate on your application that you would like to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship award.

Why do I need TOEFL scores if I’m applying for a TA/RA?

  • Under Florida state law, TOEFL scores are required for international graduate assistantship appointments as they are tied to financial support.  International students must prove adequate command of the English language prior to getting the appointment by submitting Test of Spoken English (TSE) scores that meets the state’s required minimum score. As a teaching assistantship is essentially considered employment through the State of Florida, this requirement will not and cannot be waived.
  • This is why we ask that all international applicants supply a TOEFL iBT score, as a score of 28 or above on the speaking section will satisfy the state’s requirement without having a student have to complete additional work.

Do I need to submit a financial status form or something like it if I am looking forward to getting a teaching or research assistantship? 

  • The financial status form is required if you are funding your own education. If you are applying for a teaching or research assistantship, this form is not required.

Where can I find out more about financial support opportunities? 

Where can I find out more about the basic cost of attendance including additional fees? 

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