Training In Pharmacoepidemiology and Safety Services

Graduate training in Pharmacoepidemiology and Safety Services includes two cores: didactic course work and independent research experience.  Students are expected to join a research team during their first year of study and get involved in the design and conduct of Pharmacoepidemiologic studies.  Typically, students will start their first independent research project in the second half of their first year of study.  Students have access to SAS online learning modules and many complete their SAS Certification during their training at UF.


In addition to the core course work, students who specialize in Pharmacoepidemiology and Safety Services will take the following courses:

PHA 6891 Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology

PHA 6268 Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management

PHA 6935 Intermediate Pharmacoepidemiology

PHC 6937 Applied Survival Analysis


This list will be supplemented depending on students’ interest and focus.  Examples of available courses include:

PHC 6000 Epidemiology Research Methods I
PHC 6011 Epidemiology Research Methods II
PHC 6002 Epidemiology of Infectious Disease

PHC 6003 Epidemiology of Chronic Disease
PHC 6014 Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control of Chronic Diseases II
PHC 6405 Epidemiology of Aging
PHC 6711 Measurement in Epidemiology & Outcomes Research
PHC 6901 Epidemiology Literature Review & Critique

PHC 6937 Spatial Epidemiology

GMS 6812 Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention, Early Detection, and Control
PHC 6937 Oral and Craniofacial Epidemiology
GMS 6814 Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology
GMS 6815 Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology
GMS 6816 Pediatric Epidemiology
GMS 6800 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
GMS 6801 Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control of Infectious Diseases
GMS 6802 Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control of Chronic Diseases
GMS 6803 Data Management for Epidemiologic & Clinical Research
GMS 6804 Medical Informatics
GMS 6810 Intermediate Epidemiology Methods
GMS 6820 Advanced Epidemiology Methods
PHC 6717 Theory and Measurement in Public Health Disability Research
PHC 6716 Survey Research Methods
PHC 7056 Analysis of Longitudinal Data
PHC 7066 Large Sample Theory
PHC 6937 Public Health Concepts
PHC 7020  Bias in Observational Studies
PHC 6937  Survival Analysis

GMS 6813 Clinical Trials
GMS 6818 Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials
GMS 6819 Design & Conduct of Clinical Trials II
GMS 6821 Meta-Analysis in Clinical, Health Services Research and Public Health
GMS 6822 Measuring and Analyzing Health Outcomes II
GMS 6826 Advance Design and Methodology for Case-Control Studies
GMS 6827 Advanced Clinical Trial Methods
PHC 6937 Biostatistical Computing Using R

PHC 6937 SAS for Public Health Data

GMS 6829 Longitudinal Research Design
GMS 6830 Epidemiology and Health Policy
GMS 6xxx Data Management for Epidemiologic and Clinical Research
STA 5223 Applied Sample Survey Methods
STA 5507 Applied Nonparametric Methods

PHC 6053 Regression Methods for the Health and Life Sciences
GMS 6811 Grant Writing Skills in Epidemiology and Clinical Research