POP Seminar: Sebastian Jugl- 10/12/2023

Please join us Thursday 10/12/2023 for POP Research Seminar of the Fall 2023,  held from 11:00 am-12:30 pm in HPNP Auditorium (room 1404). We will be welcoming  Sebastian Jugl, M.S., B. Pharm. as our seminar speakers.

Sebastian Jugl, M.S., B. Pharm.

Sebastian Jugl, M.S., B.Pharm., joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy in 2019, under the mentorship of Dr. Winterstein. Upon earning his pharmacist registration in the same year, he has functioned as a chief locum pharmacist across diverse settings. In 2023, he earned his M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science from the aforementioned department. Recognized for his contributions, Sebastian received the Emerging Leader Award from the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology in 2023. He is keen on employing pharmacoepidemiologic methodologies to investigate domains of oncology, women’s health, and medical cannabis research. Furthermore, Sebastian serves as an author for the German Pharmaceutical Association (DPhG). His seminar title is : “The medical use of Cannabis on Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment Outcomes: A systematic review”