POP Seminar: Dawei Guan, M.D., M.S., and Hung-Kai Chen, BPharm, MClinPharm 01/26/2023

Please join us Thursday, 01/26/2023 for POP Research Seminar of the Spring 2023, held from 11:00 am-12:30 pm in HPNP Auditorium. We will be welcoming  Dawei Guan, M.D., M.S. and Hung-Kai Chen BPharm, MClinPharm., as our seminar speakers.   

David & HenryDawei (David) Guan, is third-year PhD student of POP. He graduated with bachelor and master’s degree in clinical medicine in China. Before joining POP, he worked in surgery for several years. His advisor is Dr. Shao, and his research interest is pharmacoeconomics. Today he will present “Developing a Machine-learning Based Prediction Model for Diabetes Duration”.

Hung-Kai (Henry) Chen, is a first-year PhD student in the Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy program, working under the direction of Dr. Winterstein. He received a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Taipei Medical University in 2018. He also received a Master’s in Clinical Pharmacy from National Cheng Kung University in 2020. Before joining our program, he worked as a clinical pharmacist and research assistant in medical centers in Taiwan. Most of his prior research focuses on evaluating intended or unintended effects of healthcare interventions among patients with rheumatic diseases or cancer. His seminar title is: “Long-term use and risk of major adverse cardiac events: Comparing enzalutamide and abiraterone in chemotherapy-naïve patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer”.

To join the Zoom meeting: Please contact Valarie Jackson (vdj@cop.ufl.edu), or Motomori Lewis  (motomorilewis@ufl.edu) for the Zoom link and password.