POP Seminar: Phuong T. Tran,B.S.Pharm., M.P.H., Khalid Alkhuzam, M.SPharm, and Sumaya Abuloha, BPharm, MSc., 11/17/2022

Please join us Thursday, 11/17/2022 for POP Research Seminar of the Fall 2022, held from 11:00 am-12:30 pm in Medical Sciences Building 6120. We will welcoming Phuong T Tran, B.S.Pharm., M.P.H, Khalid Alkhuzam, M.SPharm, and Sumaya Abuloha, BPharm, MSc. as our seminar speakers.                                                         

Phoung Khalid & Sumaya

Phuong “Phoenix” Tran, is a pharmacist and public health professional by training. Her research focuses on infectious diseases and antibiotic prescribing. Before joining POP, Phoenix worked for Pharma, Academia, Non-profit organizations and Start-up companies. She thought she knew what she wanted to do after her PhD training. However, things have changed and let her share that story with you during her presentation ttitled: “Internship Experience at AbbVie: Interns vs Student Workers”.

Khalid Alkhuzam, is a second-year master student in the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy. He graduated with Master of Pharmacy from Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. Khalid’s main research area is Pharmacoeconomics and pharmacoepidliology, and his research interests involve diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. His advisor is Dr. Shao. Today he will be presenting two projects. The first one is “Data Quality Assessment in Electronic Health Records and Linked Claims Data” and the second is “Racial/ethnic Differences in the Use of Antihypertensive Drugs Associated with Different Risk Levels of Type 2 Diabetes Among Adults without Diabetes”.

Sumaya Abuloha, is a second-year PhD-student joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy in Fall 2021, her faculty advisor is Dr. Shao. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Jordan. Sumaya worked in academia for 8 years; mainly as a lecturer and clinical preceptor for PharmD students. Her research interest is in pharmacoeconomic studies and diabetes. Sumaya presentation title is: “Social Determinates of Health and the Risk of Early Onset of Type 2 Diabetes”.

To join the Zoom meeting: Please contact Katherine Morris (kmorris@cop.ufl.edu), Valarie Jackson (vdj@cop.ufl.edu), or Ashley Clark (ashleyclark1@ufl.edu) for the Zoom link and password.