POP Seminar: Ching-Yu (Jessie) Wang & Hussain Alqhanti, Thursday, Feb 20, 2020

Hussain.Jessie SeminarPlease join us Thursday, 02/20/2020 for POP Research seminar of the Spring 2020, held from 1:00pm-2:30pm in the Communicore Building, C1-04. We will be welcoming our graduate students Ching-Yu (Jessie) Wang, B.S. and Hussain Alqhtani, M.S., B.S. as our seminar speakers.

Hussain Alqhtani is a sixth-year Ph.D. student at POP Department under Dr. Diaby’s supervision. He received his bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science from the school of pharmacy at King Saud University in 2007, then worked as a pharmacist in Hospital for 2 years. He then moved to Saudi FDA to work as drug information pharmacist in the Drug Information Center in Saudi FDA. After that, he started his academic career as a teacher assistant in clinical practice department in Najran University.  In 2014, Hussain received his master’s degree in Drug Regulatory Affairs from Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY.  Hussain received his M.P.H. from UF last year and his research interests are Pharmacoepidemiology and Patient Safety.  His seminar title: “Utilization and Safety of Antidepressants for Post-Myocardial Infarction Depression/Anxiety (PMDA) Among Privately Insured Patients in the U.S. Evidence from 2005-2015 Data“.

Ching-Yu (Jessie) Wang is a third-year Ph.D. student in our program. She received her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Taipei Medical University in Taiwan and worked as a pharmacist in Taiwan for a little while before joining our program. She joined our program as a master student in 2017 and received her master’s degree from our program in 2019. Her main research interest focuses on clinical and economic evaluation of generic drugs and biosimilars.  Her seminar title: “Observational External Comparator Cohorts as Controls for Long-Term Uncontrolled Extensions to Randomized Clinical Trial“.