POP Seminar Guest Speaker Announcement: Dr. Linda Simoni-Wastila

Announcement for Dr. Linda Simoni-Wastila's Seminar

The UF College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy welcomes Dr. Linda Simoni-Wastila as our October 20th, 2017 Guest Speaker for POP Seminar.

Dr. Linda Simoni-Wastila is professor and Parke-Davis Chair in Geriatric Pharmacotherapy in the Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research and director of research for the Peter Lamy Center for Drug Therapy and Aging. For more than two decades, she has conducted research focusing on prescription drug policy, quality, and outcomes. She received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she also completed a Master of Science in Public Health. In 1993, she received her doctorate in health policy from Brandies University, where she served as a Pew Health Policy Fellow. From 1994–2001, she served as senior scientist at the Schneider Institute for Health Policy, and was a lecturer at the Harvard Medical School.

You can read more about Dr. Simoni-Wastila and her research interests by going to the following website.