Training in BSSR in Medication Use at UF

Training in BSSR in Medication Use at UF

In addition to core coursework, students who specialize in Behavioral and Social Science Research in Medication Use generally will take courses covering theories and research methods to support this line of research.

PHC 6716 Survey Research Methods

EDF 7439 Item Response Theory

EDF 7412 Structural Equation Models

EDF 7435 Rating Scale Design and Analysis

EDF 7932 Multivariate Analysis

SYA 6315 Qualitative Research Methods

MMC 6423 Content-Analysis Methods

GMS 6844 Experimental and Quasi-experimental Research Designs for Community Settings

Additional courses are taken to support the student’s area of interest and disciplinary focus. Examples of available courses include:

PHA 6937 The Drug Use Process

PHA 6937 Prescribing Behavior

PHA 6250 Patient Responsibility in Health Care

PHA 6927 Drugs in Society

CLP 6344 and CLP 6345 Lifespan Foundations of Behavioral Health and Illness I & II

MAR 7507 Perspectives on Consumer Behavior

MAR 7578 Consumer Preference Formation and Change

MAR 7588 Consumer Information Processing and Decision Making

MAR 7589 Judgment and Decision Making

HSC 5606 Spirituality and Health

HSC 5657 Health and End-of-Life Issues

HSC 6037 Philosophy and Principles of Health Education

HSC 6567 Theories of Health Behavior and Practice

HSC 6637 Social Marketing and Health

HSC 6712 Evaluating Health Education Programs

HSC 6665 Health Communication

HSC 6668 Interpersonal Communication and Health

GEY 6206 Interpersonal Communication with the Aging Network

MMC 6400 Mass Communication Theory

MMC 6417 Seminar in Mass Media and Health

SOP 6099 Survey of Social Psychology

SOP 6419 Attitudes and Social Cognition

SYP 6726 Sociology of the Aged