PhD Program Outline

The program is designed over a 4-year period, but individual student progress in meeting the annual milestones may vary.  Students complete the core curriculum in the first two years of their training, followed by a preliminary exam, after which they will begin to develop their doctoral dissertation.  In addition, students attend the weekly departmental seminar, a weekly journal club, and take independent study credit to work with faculty on research projects.  Research experience is valued as highly as didactic course work, and course schedules are designed to allow independent research work.

PhD students are expected to join faculty-led research teams during their first year of training.  Besides exposure to grant writing and the research process, the student’s participation is expected to result in early completion of small independent research projects and presentation of results at national or international meeting as well as the annual College Research Showcase.

The program strives to maximize the competitiveness of graduates for future positions, including a strong emphasis on early development of a string CV.  In addition to successful completion of core and specialty coursework, a manuscript must be submitted for publication before a student can sit for the qualifying exam and proposal defense.  Successful graduation requires a formal doctoral thesis of original independent work that offers a distinct contribution to and advancement of science along with a total of 90 credit hours of didactic coursework and independent research. At least one manuscript summarizing thesis content must be under review before graduation.  Students have the opportunity to complete research internships in pharmaceutical industry, health service, and government organizations. A summary of milestones that summarizes all requirements and accomplishments throughout the training is available here.


Internships for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Graduate Students

The Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy recognizes the importance of internship experience in providing students with perspective of where they envision themselves after graduation. We offer students the opportunity to participate in internships during the summer terms. Many of our students choose to intern in areas such as medication therapy management, patient safety, pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacoepidemiology.

Students begin working with faculty mentors during their first year in the program to discover career paths and areas of research which may be of interest to them, and students are encouraged to seek-out internship opportunities in these fields during their time in the program. Our students have been connected through our program to internship opportunities with renown leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, including Biogen, Amgen, Inc., and other national and international organizations, including the FDA and WHO. Click here for details and student testimonials of exciting internship experiences achieved while in the program.