Dr. Rene Soria-Saucedo presented 2018 Global Fellows Program Award

Published: December 18th, 2017

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Rene Soria-Saucedo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., an assistant professor of pharmaceutical outcomes and policy, has received the 2018 Global Fellows Program Award by the Office for Global Research Engagement at the University of Florida International Center. The center presented the award during International Education Week on Nov. 13.

Rene Soria-Saucedo

Dr. Rene Soria-Saucedo

Currently, the general issue of data management and analysis of pharmacovigilance information is a hot topic in Latin America. The region still produces a small, low quality contribution to the worldwide evidence about pharmacoepidemiology. This award aims to expand the knowledge and practical applications of pharmacoepidemiology in Latin America at both governmental and non-governmental levels.

“Regulatory agencies struggle recruiting knowledgeable personnel, taking sometimes years to find a person with the proper training,” Soria-Saucedo said. “One of the reasons of this shortage: pharmacoepidemiology training remains rare in the Latin America region.”

Therefore, this proposal becomes a first step to build bridges between UF and Latin America universities, by promoting contents and practical applications of pharmacoepidemiology among students, staff and faculty at medical, nursing and pharmacy colleges.

“We plan to organize face-to-face meetings and a symposium to create enthusiasm and hopefully, expand the curricula currently offered at both institutions,” Soria-Saucedo said.

Soria-Saucedo hopes this first step will encourage future collaborations and becomes the stepping-stone to setup a tailored online certificate and MS-training program, with contents adequate to the region’s context and language, and ultimately offer a relevant tool for the enhancement of data analysis capabilities in the region.

Almut Winterstein, Ph.D., a professor and the Dr. Robert and Barbara Crisafi Chair in pharmaceutical outcomes and policy, will serve as a mentor for the award, because of her recognized international leadership in drug safety and pharmacoepidemiology for the last 20 years.

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